8 Best Data Recovery Software You Should Try in 2013

When you are searching for the best data recovery software, you keep in mind about the feature and ease of use of the data recovery software to recover deleted file from  the location where you “lost” them. Perhaps you lost your important and critical files because of virus attacks or formatting or accidentally deleted. In such case you might look for some good data recovery software that only recover your deleted files but also recover your files with advance filter search with ease of use.

Data Recovery Software

Before looking for the best data recovery software, one must check for its features, search and recovery options and its supported devices. Many data recovery software has good features and options but lack the support of files and devices to recover files. So here we are sharing our 8 best data recovery software you should try to recover lost data and files from your drive in 2013.

1. Stellar Phoenix – Rating: 9.7/10 – Price: $49.95

Stellar Phoenix data recovery software can help you to recover data from the most common storage devices such as internal and external disks, USB attached drives, CDs and DVDs, and memory cards.. It can easily search the deleted file from the storage device and restore them if they have not been written over and perform tasks that are more complex, such as recovering data from reformatted and altered partitions.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software

Furthermore, it also supports the data recovery from mobile memory cards, camera memory cards and also from damaged sectors. In Pro version of Stellar Phoenix, one can create a disk image of damaged disks to restore data which is safest way of recovering the data. If you are looking for Raid Recovery Data Service, the company offers professional services. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to recover your critical and important files from storage devices. Stellar Phoenix recovery software can help you recover potentially lost files for much less and with the least amount of frustration possible.

2. R-Studio Windows– Rating: 9.5/10 – Price: $79.99

As similar to the Stellar Phoenix, R-Tools recovery software can also recover deleted files from any memory device, including hard disks, externally connected disks, memory cards, CDs and DVDs, floppy disks, USB-connected drives and more. It can help you to recover data and files from the virus infected machines, partition changes, formatted drive and bad sectors.  It can even perform damaged RAID recovery by creating a virtual RAID from its components. The virtual RAID can process data like the original array.

R-Studio Data Recovery Software

It is best data recovery software for windows users from which you can get to professional data recovery services in a do-it-yourself. R-Studio is one of the best solutions available to help you restore your files and your peace of mind, the only concern of this data recovery software is its price which is expensive that all others available data recovery software.

3. Data Rescue PC 3 – Rating: 9.3/10 – Price: $49.00

Data rescue pc 3 is yet another data recovery software which helps you to recover lost files from a large variety of devices. It can restore the deleted and lost files from formatted drives, altered partitions, RAID arrays, USB- and Firewire-connected devices, camera cards and even older floppy diskettes. Data Rescue PC 3 can help you save your much times by recovering critical lost files with ease of time. This data recovery software is good for those who have a little knowledge of recovery of files.

Data Rescue PC Data Recovery Software

Data Rescue PC can restore files even if you cannot get Windows to run. Furthermore, you can recover data over a network connection by using this software. This makes recovery from severe disk disasters much easier, even if you know nothing about data recovery.

4. Recover My Files – Rating: 9.2/10 – Price: $69.95

Recover My Files can scan and discover more than 200 file types on all Windows-based machines, even antiquated PCs running Windows 98. It can recover lost and deleted files from supported storage devices which includes partition change, a hard disk crash or reformatting, and even after a Windows reinstallation. It can also recover data from the external drive, camera cards, USB drive.

Recover My FilesData Recovery Software

It is very easy to use file recovery software which can restore as many files as possible. If you have lost the images, this Recover My Files is best recovery software to recover all supported images files. The company kept this software up-to dated which is the good advantage of this files.

5. Get Data Back – Rating: 9.0/10 – Price: $69.90

Get Data Back from Runtime Software is another good option for data recovery software which can also restore deleted files, files lost from a partition change, from reformatted disks and more. Moreover it can also recover data from those devices which can not be recognized by Windows . This is a read-only data recovery software, which means it will not write over files, which would increase the chance of them being lost permanently.Get Data Back Data Recovery Software

With this file recovery software one can sort all lost or deleted files by file type, date, file size and depth. You can also filter read-only, hidden, system, compressed or deleted files. Get Data Back can recover your lost files if they have not been written over. In addition, the company provides the lifetime license which can be excellent option to choose this software. However, if you need to recover more than one file system type or from a RAID array, you will need to purchase more than one version of the application.

6. Power Data Recovery – Rating: 8.85/10 – Price: $59.00

Power Data Recovery software is handy enough to recover lost and deleted files which can restore all types of Windows files as well as files from all common CD and DVD discs. It supports IDE, SATA, SCSI and USB connections. Power Data Recovery has five file search options which includes undelete recovery, damaged partition recovery, lost partition recovery, digital media recovery and CD/DVD recovery. Power Data Recovery Software

It is a flexible recovery option which helps you to restore files that have been lost in a variety of ways, including accidental deletions, partition changes, viruses and formatted partitions. However, if your disk is severely damaged or you cannot boot Windows, you might have more success with a product that can boot your PC and create disk images from damaged drives. You can recover 1GB data for free using this tools which is a good option to test drive this recovery software.

7. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional – Rating: 8.5/10 – Price: $89.95

This is the most expensive data recovery tool which recover files from the formatted drive, virus infected system, external drives and do fantastic jobs on files recovery. This file recovery software is very useful for recovery of lost data and files which includes documents, emails, photos, videos, audios and many other file formats. Using EaseUS data recovery tool is user friendly and users with the few knowledge can also use this software.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard- Data Recovery Software

This software provides total recovery option which also includes lost data back from RAID, dynamic disks, USBs, external hard drives, memory cards, digital cameras, MP3/MP4 players and more. Once purchase you will get full free lifetime upgrades.

8. Handy Recover – Rating: 8/10 – Price: $49.00

Handy Recovery can help you to recover files from corrupted partitions including deleted files from recycle bin, formatted drives. One of the interesting feature of this recovery tool is “deferred recovery,” which create a disk image of a damaged disk and then use that image for file restoration. This feature provide you  an exact copy of a disk, rather than simply copies of the individual files and folders contained on the disk like most backup solutions.

Handy Recover Data Recovery Software

Handy Recovery can restore most files that are not written over. It is also especially useful if you have an older PC running Windows XP, since it supports the file types used by XP. However, if you need to recover files across a network or from an unbootable PC, you will have a better chance for success with another restoration product.

If you have lost files, there is help. Unless your files have been written over or are located on a completely demolished disk, there is a chance you can recover them. With a little patience and the right data recovery software, you can recoup your losses.

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  1. says

    Stellar Phoenix will be my choice if I’ll face any data loss situations ever. The software has pretty high recommendation rate and powerful enough to efficiently scan the whole drive (no matter, how big it was) and recovers data in its original form.

    Thanks for your wonderful article though.

  2. Carter Dirk says

    There are many tools available online through which you can recover your data from corrupt and damaged windows hard drive, but you make sure that the data recovery tool should be capable enough to recover the data. Any way you try Kernel for Windows data recovery software to recover your complete data documents from any version of MS windows operating system. Visit and like about the tool : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Windows-Data-Recovery/239926112792542

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