Change logon password on a Computer Without Knowing the Original

If you are in front of computer which is password protected and want to change its original password without knowing then here is quick guide to help you to do so.This is really great and easy tips.

    You can able to change original password of any computer by following simple following steps. Here we go:

    1. Go to start menu, click to ‘run’ and type ‘cmd’.
    2. Once command prompt comes up then type in: ‘net user’. It will list the user names of the computer.
    3. You need to type ‘net user username’. So if the username is Jack, you need to type ‘net user jack’.
    4. After this you see saying on command prompt “you may change your password”. To change password type all as in step 3 and add password at the end. If you want to add password abcd then type ‘net user jack abcd’. You will successfully change the password.

    Try this only for your own. Don’t do it against any other. We know its very painful to see password not working.

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