Forgot The Lock Screen Pass Code Of iPhone 4

Strange thing may happen with you and your iPhone 4. Whether you’ve set the passcode for iPhone 4 or not, but somehow a lock is appeared to the center of your iPhone screen and you can’t enter on it. Such thing happens when you forgot you iPhone 4 passcode or probably someone set a passcode to your device. At a such condition, you’ll have to reset and restore the device to get work around.

enter passcode

Follow the given steps to get your device free from passcode:

  • Disconnect you iPhone 4 if it is connected with computer and switch it off. Press and hold Power key on the top of iPhone 4 for few second, then slide the red slider.
    (Note: If this method doesn’t work, then press and hold Power and Home key few seconds until it goes off.)
  • With switched off iPhone 4, connect it to the computer with pressing and holding the Home key. It should then power on.
  • You need to keep holding Home key until you see a message saying Connected to iTunes on the iPhone 4 screen.
  • Open iTunes and go to Summary tab to Restore iPhone 4. Prompt the steps after clicking the Restore button.

When the process is finished, you will able to use iPhone 4 without any passcode. Please note that process will wipe all data from your iPhone 4. You may be able to sync most of the data back once you have restored it.


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