Google Glass Explorer Edition – Features & Capabilities (Explained)

Google Glass Explorer Edition is the debut product of the company Project Glass. Google took full pride in displaying a prototype of the Explorer Edition in the Google I/O conference held way back in 2012. Sergey Brin the co-founder of Project Glass stated that this technology will be available to consumers only by 2014. He further added that the company has plans to manufacture computers built-in with the eye glass technology. It seems like computers are getting ready to get a taste of this new technology.


Glass is a simple device, which allows you to stay connected with the rest of the world around you, without getting disconnected.  The Explorer Edition is basically designed to be hands-free. It has the capability to interact with internet using voice commands in natural language. Head-worn displays might sound a little old idea; however, the backing of Google attracted the much needed media attention.

The Explorer Edition looks small and slim and they resemble more of the regular eyeglasses. The glasses have titanium frames with comfortable headsets. Experts suggest that new designs in the future might integrate this technology in to normal eyewear that people use.

Features and Capabilities

The glass is built-in with video and photo capability, which makes the glass wear all the more interesting. These options can be accessed by controls, which are comfortably seated on the side touchpad. The display of the Explorer Edition covers the eye allowing instant streaming and uploading on a specific network.  This makes it all the more easy for you to take pictures or videos in the night. You are also provided with options to instantly upload images and videos on multiple sites as you are on the move. If you are an active social network user, this glass will be a blessing in disguise bringing life to all your dreams.

It is designed to not to interrupt with your day-to-day activities. Since, it is a hands-free device carrying it along with you wherever you go is not going to be a troublesome act. Google claims that the Explorer Edition weighs much less than most sunglasses in the market. On the top of the glass, you can find a button with built-in camera, which helps you in shooting videos and images. The tiny information display is placed above the eye making sure that it does not interrupt the line of sight.

The specifications of the Explorer Edition were not completely revealed. All that the world knows is, it has a built-in camera, speaker, mic and multiple radios. The Glass also has a gyroscope, which clearly describes the orientation and position at all times. Brin says that the audio output can only be heard in the right ear. Unfortunately, there are no ear buds resulting in much of the sound leaked into space. Some of the cool features like alerts, SMS, access to emails and others have been disabled.

Check Video Demo:

Overall, Explorer Edition is capable of leading you through every phase of your day-to-day activity. Taking a closer look at the current developments made in the Explorer Edition, you can stream live videos, shoot movies, take pictures and share all this on your favorite social networking sites with minimum effort.

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