How To Change Office 2010 Product Key

There is a small free tool called “Office Key Remover” which removes the license information of MS Office software installed on your computer. The utility wipes out all the information related to the license of MS Office 2010 and then after when you start MS Office, you need to enter the fresh serial key.

Changing Office 2010 Product Key With Office Key Remover:

1. Download and run the Office Key Remover.


2. Select the version of MS Office you want to remove the license key as it supports Microsoft Office 2010, 2007, 2003 and Office XP.

3. After removal start any MS Office product such as MS Word.


4. You will ask to enter the license key and enter it and start using MS Office 2010(as seen in above screenshot).

Manually change MS Office 2010 product key:

You can also remove the license key manually by just following the steps bellow.

1. Open any MS Office product like Word, Excel.

2. Goto File > Help and click “Change Product key” on right side.

3. In the new screen, enter new product key and click Continue button.

4. Then you can click either on “Install now” or “Customize” buttons.


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