How To Enable Flash In Firefox Portable

Firefox portable lack some important plugins as it comes with no plugins preinstalled. Due to which, it lacks Adobe Flash player plugin and because of this you are not able to take full benefit of Firefox portable.  You might come here looking for installation of flash player in portable Firefox.

flash portable

Adobe Flash player is an important plugins required for any browser to view videos, play games or access other Flash based contents  on website. Many time you get stuck on website having flash content as your browser don’t have flash player plugin installed.

How to enable flash player in Firefox portable?

You can get Adobe flash player in Firefox portable in easy two simple steps given below. You need to download Flash player and adding it to browser installation directory so that it get recognized without installation.

  • Download Flash player plugin from official site by using any download manager or other browsers. Now extract the downloaded Flash plugin. The best way to do this is using 7-zip, right click on installer, go to 7-zip and extract. Well if you get trouble while unpacking, try adding .zip extension on file name and extract it.
  • Now find the NPSWF32.dll file from extracted folders and move it Data>Plugins directory of Firefox installation. Now, restart the browser, and check the plugin section to confirm if the Flash plugin has been recognized. This can be done either surfing Flash required websites or going to Tools>Add-ons.

Users should not get any trouble doing this method to get Adobe Flash for Firefox portable get worked. The main drawback of this method is user need to manually update the Flash player when it is available.

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