How To Insert The Micro SIM Card in Xperia Z

Sony’s Xperia Z is a great android smartphone which runs on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and has high a high level of water resistance. It is very slim smartphones and you may find quite difficult to locate the sim-card slot in Xperia Z. Sony’s Xperia Z is design to compatible with Micro SIM card (SIM = Subscriber Identity Module), from which you can make a call, text messages and store phone numbers.


So, after getting the Xperia Z smartphone, you might be looking for SIM card slot in smartphone to insert the SIM card. If you are really confused how to insert the SIM card in Xperia Z, then follow the instruction below:

Insert Micro SIM card in Xperia Z

  1. First of all, verify that you have a micro SIM card. If you don’t have, then you can get it from your operators. And also you can cut your SIM to Micro SIM (if possible) by using SIM-Cutter.
  2. Now turn of your Xperia Z and locate the SIM card slot as shown in picture below:
  3. Now use you fingernail to open the SIM card cover. Put your fingernail into the gap between the side of Xperia Z and micro SIM card cover.
  4. Gently pull out the cover of SIM card slot.
  5. You can see the SIM card holder inside the cover. So pull out the micro SIM card Holder.
  6. Place your micro SIM card into the holder. Please note that gold-coloured contact must face downward.
  7. Finally, insert the SIM card card holder and cover the SIM card slot.
  8. Now, Start your phone.

Note: Please note that using micro SIM card without the SIM holder may damage your SIM as well SIM card slot.

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