Keyboard Shortcuts To Run Computer Without Mouse


You find little faster when you use  PC using Keyboard Shortcuts than using mouse. Sometimes your mouse get break and you need to perform some task in PC using keyboard. Here are some useful and essential keyboard shortcuts which helps you to run computer without mouse.

1. Windows Management Shortcuts: These keyboard shortcuts helps you to run windows component with easy and faster.

  • Window key opens start menu
  • Arrow keys to select start menu icon
  • Alt+F4 Exits the program
  • Shift and Space to ‘select’ and ‘enter’
  • Alt key or Windows key + Tab switches between programs
  • Windows key + D switches between the desktop and a window
  • Control+Alt+Delete Runs Task Manager
  • Windows key + F Search File and Folders
  • Windows key + E Open Windows Explorer
  • Windows key + Control + F Search For Computer
  • Windows Key + Pause/Break Open System Properties Dialog Box
  • Windows Key + U Open Utility Manager
  • Windows Key + L Lock Computer/Switch Users
  • Windows Key + M Minimize all windows ( Windows Key + Shift + M will do undo)

2. Application Shortcuts: These shortcuts are useful while running an application.

  • Control+Z Undo the last action
  • Control+X Cuts
  • Control+C Copies
  • Control+V paste
  • Control+B Bold
  • Control+I Italic
  • Control+U Underline
  • Control+A Select all
  • Control+S Saves current document
  • Control+W Closes open tab/window
  • Control+P Prints current frame

3. Navigational Shortcuts: Make you faster navigating the active windows.

  • ? and ? keys scroll
  • Page Up scrolls up in larger increments
  • Page Down scrolls down in larger increments
  • Control+F Find something on the page
  • Enter activates selected link
  • Tab switches between active and passive panel
  • Control+\ goes to your root/home directory
  • Control+U swaps active and passive panel
  • Control+PgUp goes to the parent directory
  • Control+PgDn goes to the child directory

4. Functional Shortcuts: Execute the function of active windows.

  • F1 Opens help for many programs
  • F5 refreshes webpage
  • F11 toggles full screen and regular views on Internet Explorer

5. Browser Shortcuts: Shortcuts used in active browser.

  • Control+I Opens Favorites
  • Control+H Opens History
  • Control+N opens another of the same webpage
  • Control+O Opens another document or webpage
  • Press Alt and letter underlined on desired menu to open menu i.e. Alt+E opens Edit, Alt+H opens Help
  • Control+E Go to search box
  • Alt+Tab opens search query in new tab
  • Control plus – or + zooms in or out
  • Control+Number switches to specific tab on internet explorer
  • Control+Alt+F4 closes all other tabs
  • Alt+D selects the text in the address bars
  • Control+Enter adds www. and .com to the text in the address bar
  • F4 opens list of websites you’ve typed
  • Tab moves forward through items on a webpage
  • Shift+Tab moves backward through items on a webpage
  • Alt+Home goes to your homepage on Internet explorer
  • Shift+F10 opens a shortcut menu for an internet link
  • F6 or Control+Tab moves forward between frames
  • Control+Shift+Tab moves backward between frames

Hopefully, these shortcuts helps you to run you PC without mouse and make you a bit faster.


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