Make AccuWeather Widgets Fully Transparent in Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 has default weather widget from AccuWeather which gives you right amount information at a glance. By default the widget in home screen does not have fully transparent background. However making the widget background transparent and blending it to the device wallpaper looks awesome. You can find the difference in current widget and after transparency in given picture.

AccuWeather Transparent widget for s4

Samsung Galaxy S4 stock AccuWeather widget does not give you an option to make your widget fully transparent. However if you can simply make your widget transparent by using the widget created by an XAD a developer Reverepats. It is very simple to install the widget in your device. For your efficiency, follow the given method to install the fully transparent AccuWeather widget in Galaxy S4.

  • Download the desired AccuWeather widget from XDAforum as there you can find two variation for stock weather widget, one with 70% transparency and another with 100% transparency.
  • Now move the downloaded file to your internal memory.
  • Then go to Recovery Mode and Flash with the file.

By this you can replace the AccuWeather widget to the your choice of transparency. You can also switch back to your original stock weather widget. For this you need to download the restore file from source and follow the above method.

Download Stock, 70% and 100% Transparent AccuWeather Widget.

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  1. George says

    Hi Anwar,

    This is what i’m looking for my S4, a fully transparent AccuWeather widget.
    1. Do you have a tutorial video on how to do this?
    2. Do i need to root my phone? (coz i dont want to)

    Thanks in advance

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