Pros and Cons: Google Nexus 4 vs HTC Droid DNA

Phone-Wars-Nexus-4-Vs-Droid-DNAFinally, there is two high-end android smartphones to fight between each other to win the consumers satisfaction. One is successor of Droid Family from HTC named as the HTC Droid DNA and another is successor of Nexus Family by Google named as LG Nexus 4. Both smartphones are available to the market and comes with the high tech specification and there is no much different in between them in term of specifications. Lets started checking the pros and cons starting with the specifications of both smartphone.


Nexus 4 vs Droid DNA Specs

LG Nexus 4 by Google

LG Nexus 4 Specs

The fourth generation Nexus series smartphone from Google comes from LG. Google has shipped their Nexus series smartphone to LG after first three devices from HTC and Samsung. LG is running with big success for the first time with Nexus 4 smartphone as the device power with high end specification and low budget compared to it. Another thing is it comes with brand new hardware on every level, and latest version of Android 4.2, which is always awesome. The only thing that most people dislike it because of storage capacity which comes in 8GB and 16GB variations


  • Latest Android; Stock Android version 4.2 with the latest from Google!
  • Cheap Pricing; $299 and $349 respectively, unlocked direct from Google. Can’t get much better than that.
  • Display and Processor; Beautiful HD IPS Plus display, almost as good as the HTC One X 2GB RAM and Snapdragon S4 Pro making everything fast on this device.


  • No LTE and no expandable storage
  • Only available on GSM carriers; no CDMA availability so far


HTC Droid DNA Specs

The smartphone is also called as the Verizon version of the J Butterfly. It is a good competitor to the the Samsung Galaxy Note series, and HTC always comes with great devices. The device will blow away your mind if you take look at the specs. However there is two minor problems. The small 2020mAh battery and the no expandable storage. It comes with smaller battery than that of the Google Nexus 4′s battery. Furthermore, Nexus 4 has a smaller screen, so you can expect the better battery performance in  Nexus 4. For expandable storage, everyone was complaining about the Nexus 4 only offering 16GB so you can expect the same with the Droid DNA.


  • Display; Best display available with 5.0″ Super LCD3, 1080p at 441 pixels per inch.
  • Competitor; Brings competition to the phablet market on Verizon (Samsung Galaxy Note 2, LG Intuition)
  • Android and Sense; Comes with Sense 4+ and Android 4.1; Comes with the first version of Jelly Bean which includes Google Now, expandable notifications and Project Butter
  • RAM and Processor; 2GB RAM and Snapdragon S4 Pro; Doesn’t get much faster than this


  • Battery; Small 2020mAh battery; with a 5.5″ 441ppi display and LTE, this battery is going to be pretty bad in my opinion
  • Only available on Verizon; When is HTC going to get it, they needed to launch this across all the carriers
  • No expandable storage

There is a tough fight between these two smartphones, I’d give a crown to the HTC Droid DNA which is because of its display. To be able to have a 1080p display everyday in your pocket is just amazing. Not that we are saying the Nexus 4 is a horrible phone, many of us are still picking it up . But the HTC Droid DNA brings all of HTC’s strengths into one device, and it’s about time HTC! What you thought!

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