How to Reset Apple iPod’s Forgotten passcode

If you just forgot you Apple iPod screen-lock passcode and looking forward to reset it, then here is quick and very simple hack which lets you to reset the the old passcode without letting you loose all stored items.


All you need to open iPod file system and change the file name that device stores for its lock setting. You can just do it using following method:

1. Connect your locked iPod to your computer.
2. Be sure that you are able to view the hidden files and folders. To do so just navigate to Open Windows Explorer -> Tools (Menu) -> Folder Options -> View -> Show hidden files and folders.
3. Get into the “My Computer” and then double-click your iPod device icon to open its file-system, now navigate to folder “iPod_Control” -> “Device” folder.

4. You will see a file naming ” _locked” You just need to rename this to “_unlocked”, Well after you need to reset the password which is done by opening the file in notepad and deleting all contents in it.


5. Now, Eject the iPod and reset it.
6. Your iPod Screenlock is now disabled.

Well this is very easy to do.

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