RIM Rolls Out ‘Blackberry Enterprise Service 10′

Research In Motion, the company based in Waterloo, Ontario, launched an updated version of their business software service in an attempt to retain their mainstay business customers prior to the launch of their latest software, the BB 10.


This new device management system, dubbed the BB Enterprise Service 10 or BES 10 has been made available to corporate and government agencies from whom they have received a positive and encouraging response so far. The system and the hardware have both been FIPS certified which means that they have US government security clearance.

The Enterprise Mobile Management System enables the clients to support both self owned and company owned devices and offers one platform to manage BB, Android and iOS devices along with PlayBook tablets. This means that the company will be able to manage your device even if it is an iPhone or a Galaxy S III, as long as they have the BES 10 software.

bb 10

The BB 10, the latest operating system version from RIM is crucial for the company’s future which has seen a downturn with the arrival of the iPhone and Android Smartphones. The company is confident that their new range of touch screen phones and keyboard devices will help them regain customers and a share of the Smartphone market pie.

RIM’s BB phones have always been preferred by corporations because of the strong security and other enterprise friendly features and the cost effectiveness offered by the operating system. The new system builds on this core strength and also comes with a whole new array of innovations that enable it to cater to the growing needs of IT departments, and is highly flexible and also scalable according to your needs.

BlackBerry Balance

This is perhaps the most important feature of the new BlackBerry operating system, which ensures privacy for their customers. This feature allows you to separate your apps into personal and business via two partitions on your phone. The data in both these partitions is encrypted, and the data in one partition cannot be accessed from the other. So even if your company decides to hard delete all corporate files from your phone, your personal photos, videos, music and so will remain intact. IT departments and corporations are happy because this gives them the freedom to securely manage the corporate portion of the device without impinging on the personal freedom of their employee.

Research in Motion is banking heavily on this one feature to drive enterprise demand for the BB 10 and BES 10 phones. In fact there are even plans to have a brand new ‘Corporate App Store’ for BB 10 devices so that companies can easily manage the deployment of in house apps on the self owned devices of their employees.

RIM also announced a trade up program recently: Companies who wish to upgrade to BB 10 this year would be able to exchange their present Blackberry Enterprise Solution licences for the new BES 10 ones, absolutely free.

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