Security: Facebook can now track the location of your logins

Facebook added in a innovative section to my settings page: the capability to maintain track of every time and place I’ve logged in.

Lately Facebook has been working hard on its security and privacy settings we have seen some new facebook features and some Enhanced New Privacy Setting quiet some time before.

Each and every time you login to Facebook, they try to approximate where you logged in, from using your IP address. The approximation are really close and may be some times exactly points.

The best aspect of this up-date is that you can get notified by SMS or email if a new computer or mobile device logs into your account.

NOTE: You need to first verify your mobile to receive notifications.

But the real question as phrased by Andrew Mager, when someone else accesses your Facebook account, will you have enough time to login and change your password? Facebook should not let any devices login to your account unless you verify them.

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  1. david says

    I have tried to log in from the same spot on the same computer and it has locked me up because the machine says I haven’t logged in from here before which is inaccurate, because I have. Whats the deal?? very put out.

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