How To Make And Sync Free Ringtones In iPhone 4

Making ringtones and loading in your mobile device is simple but in iPhone 4 it is quite complicated and different than other devices. This is just because majority of iPhone 4 users don’t know the all steps involved in making and installing ringtones on their device.

Here we are going to show all the steps from making own ringtones, converting to iPhone 4 compatible and then sync with iPhone 4 using iTunes.If you are getting trouble making your own free ringtone and installing them in your own iphone 4 then you don’t have to worry any more. You just have  follow the following guide lines.

Make your own ringtones:

Of course you need a song or any audio file you like and cut 1-30 second clips to make it ringtones. You better choose some of your favorite songs. Your desired ring tone must be no longer than 30 sec. So here are some easy way to make clips of 30 sec

  1. If your ring tone is already in itunes then just right click and choose get info then on option tab choose start and stop it time no longer than 30 sec.
  2. If your clip is in mp3 or wave format then you can cut the clips by using  Audacity and be sure to finish your file as mp3.

Convert clip to the ringtone:

Now you have to convert your clip which is no longer than 30 sec into your iPhone 4 friendly format

  1. Drag your file into iTunes if it’s not already in your music library
  2. Then go to Advance in top of menu after highlighting the file
  3. Then choose create Create Apple Lossless Version
  4. Find newly created M4A file in your itunes  library
    On a Mac: User > Music > iTunes > iTunes Music > [Artist Name]
    On a Windows PC: My Documents > My Music > iTunes Media > Music > [Artist Name] (make sure “Hide extensions for known file types” within “Folder Options” is unchecked)
  5. Rename the file so that the extension is M4R instead of M4A and drag the renamed file in itunes

Sync the ringtone to your iPhone 4:

Now you just have to connect your iPhone 4 to your computer and sync the ringtone with device.

  1. Go to Ringtones item in the left-hand menu column in iTunes — your new ringtone should already be there
  2. Connect your iPhone 4 to your computer
  3. Once get connected go to the Ringtones tab and ensure that ringtones are set to sync
  4. Sync your iPhone

That’s all! Your newly created ringtone will sync with iPhone 4 and ready to use. To configure it as your current ringtone, simply go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone on your iPhone and choose the new file by name.


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