[Video] Hack iPod nano 6th-Gen

According to recent post at redmondpie developer James Whelton has managed to hack iPod nano 6 th-generation.

What this hack does?

This has enabled him to bypass cache compression of the device, resulting in installing of a Springboard hack on the iPod nano which allows for blank space creation.

Hack iPod nano 6

It is important to note here that this iPod nano hasn’t been jailbroken yet. There is no root access on the device. But the discoveries made by Whelton has made him believe that the possibility of a jailbreak might exist:

… the iPod Nano hasn’t been “jailbroken” as some sites claim, I do not have root access over the device. I did not “install” an app. I figured out how to remove them and insert a blank space into the springboard.

What I have also done is figured out a way for the iPod to boot with modified files (eg the SpingBoard Plist), bypassing the procedure it takes to stop this, I hope this will allow us to figure out a way to jailbreak it. I am primarily focusing on exposing some of the (for now) hidden features of the device.

Hack iPod nano 6

So are you going to try to Hack iPod nano 6?

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