Who Am I

Why logicclub.com ?

The site logicclub.com is a very promising site and has lots of things to do in future plans.  The main purpose of LogicClub is to write about Internet, Gadget, Games, Customization, Entertainment, Blogging and many more with a updated information.

About The Author – "Anwar Hussain" ~ XPHUNT3R

What are you looking for, you can’t know me when I talk about ME.
I have a big mouth, people says I speak much, most of the time BAKWAAS, but its better to do bakwass rather than remain silent and become a dumb ass. My friend circle is quiet big, so I am never alone (So Stranger I think you got what you wanted, Am not interested in making more friends).

People called me Geek and I have no problem in that, coz I am really biased towards Computers and Technology. (Sometime I wonder what could be ME, if I haven’t chosen Electronics).

I love Computer and can sit in front of it as long as I don’t feel sleepy, I love watching Hollywood Movies and Shows, Indian Daily Soaps and Movies really irritates me, though I admit that I watch Comedy Indian Dramas often and 1-2 Indian Soaps too (am not going to tell you name). I love roaming, travelling, partying….

I love my MOM very much, but when she woke me up in morning I feel like she’s the only enemy. I love sleeping. I hate those who gives Lectures, some of my friends are really UNCLES they can start giving you lectures even if they are sleeping.
Oh you still here, reading this crap no problem go on I have a lot…..
Technology is what excites me, craziness is what inside me, though I am 25 but my mind is still of a KID that can’t judge between right and wrong (and no I don’t have dyslexia), I am very curious and innovative too…bring something in front of me and I will show what can I do with that.
Now that’s enough about me, writing a lot about yourself is not an easy task try it yourself and find….and yeah did I tell you I hate writing. (Those who know me……..know me well……Those who don’t can go to Hell……….coz I don’t Care)

When Did Logicclub Start ?

It was started in May, 2009.  I first started blogging from free blogging service blogger.com and proud to launch Logicclub.com with self hosting.

Can I Ask A Question Or Share A Tip ?

Yes, you can, just go to the Contact page and I will get in touch with you. I usually check all incoming emails and very quick to get you through e-mails.

Currently I am only the author of this site and looking forward to add more author in future date with adsense revenue share.